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Born in St. Petersburg, Florida to two artists, there isn't a time Maria remembers when she wasn't doodling on place mats or drawing princesses and mermaids for classmates after school. Although involved heavily in art in school and community programs, she began her "serious" course of study at the University of Florida's College of Fine Arts and continued on to get her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Drawing from the University of Central Florida's School of Visual Arts and Design.


Her whimsical style has been cultivated over the 13+ years she has been employed at Panache Designs, a holiday decor company in the Atlanta area.  She has illustrated a few children's book, including Princess Bubble, A Cup of Tea for Tiger and Me, and Bob and Imaginary Fred.

Maria is also currently writing and illustrating a few of her own.


Maria lives in Braselton, Georgia with her husband, stepkids, and their dog, Josey.

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